A sign announcing the return of the Lord to judge nations?


In accordance with the Prophet W. M. Branham's vision,
this cloud was photographed on February 28th 1963
in Tucson, Arizona

It was around 06.00 pm on a Thursday evening the mysterious photograh (above) was taken on February 28th 1963 in Tucson, Arizona, USA. This cloud appeared there at 26 Miles above sea level with a width of approximately 30 Miles. In normal conditions, no cloud can be formed at that height.


Beyond this miracle, a face emerges gradually in this mysterious cloud. This looks remarkably like that of "Jesus Christ at thirty-three years" painted by Heinrich Hoffmann (1824-1902). Until now, science has no rational explanation to justify this unusual phenomenon. 

On May 17th 1963, The Life Magazine wrote about it (page 112) in these terms:


« Hovering like a giant's smoke ring, a great cloud appeared at sunset over Flagstaff, Ariz, last Feb. 28 and set off a continuing scientific mystery. Watchers struck by the cloud's odd shape and huge size, took pictures, like these four, at different times and from widely scattered locations in the state.


Life Magazine du 17 mai 1963

The Life Magazine of May 17th 1963 in which appears the photograph of the Mysterious Cloud of February 28th 1963

Dr. James McDonald, a meteorologist at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics in Tucson, has been accumulating the pictures. Using them as the basis for trigonometric calculation, he has made a startling discovery that the cloud was at least 26 miles high and 30 miles across - "a lot higher and bigger," he says, "than a cloud should be."


The circle was too high to be made by a jet plane, and so far as Dr. McDonald can determine, there were no rockets, rocket planes or bombs being tested nearby that day. He hopes anyone else with pictures will lend them to him, for he would like some more clues about the cloud 26 miles up - no water droplets exist at that height to make a cloud. »

Life Magazine of May 17th 1963, p.112


Is this a sign announcing the return of the Lord Jesus-Christ for the judgement of nations?



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